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Tobago Heritage Festival gets going tonight

Friday, July 13, 2012
The popular Tobago goat race


The opening of the Tobago Heritage Festival takes place at 8 pm today at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Tobago, during which mas designer Brian MacFarlane will deliver a special presentation. The event is in its 25th year.  Described by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) as a “celebration,” this year’s festival is themed “Yours, Mine and Ours: To Preserve and Protect.” It has been preluded by a number of events, among them the Fisherman’s Fete last weekend in Speyside, the Bele fest, Folk and African drumming and the Youth Heritage Festival.
A release from the THA said this year presents a multi-layered event which will celebrate all things Tobagonian. After tonight’s opening, there will be a three-day Folk Fiesta featuring a dance festival tomorrow, a “Sing Out” on Sunday and a tribute to the elders and “Tambrin fuh so” event on Monday. Tambrin is an instrument like the tambourine and is indigenous to Tobago. Tobago folklore suggests the instruments were created by slaves after their drums were taken away by plantation owners. The heritage festival will focus on Tobago culture and the island’s unique heritage, and will feature its unique events and activities such as an ole-time Tobago wedding, goat races, ole-time Tobago Carnival and several exhibitions and cultural showcases. The festival closes on August 1.