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A truly humbling experience

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jeanette Williams

I trained as an Alta tutor in 2003 and it opened a whole new world. At that time, I had no idea what teaching literacy entailed, but the six-week training period left me in no doubt that this was going to be not just beneficial to others, but stimulating and exciting. I was not wrong.


Nine years on, I am still fuelled by Paula’s passion for bringing the world of reading to others. In that time, I have taught three different levels in our community classes, in our workplace programme and at a drug rehabilitation facility.


In all cases, I have been struck by the sincerity of the expressions of gratitude from the students. The trust they place in me is truly humbling. The lessons they teach me are life-giving.


As a co-ordinator, I see yet other aspects of Alta that make it successful—the symmetry of the programme itself, the teamwork of tutors and the incredibly well-organised office that keeps things running. More recently, I have been involved in interviewing prospective tutors, helping to edit teaching material and being part of the training team. 


I am amused by friends who suggest that being an Alta tutor is a good idea as it gives me something to do in my retirement.


Alta is not my hobby. It is a social movement to which I am committed.


Play your part to build literacy.  If you have time, volunteer to be an Alta tutor, a Reading Circle guide or to assist students on the computer.  If your time is already booked, sponsor an Alta student for the year (TT$500). 
Call 624-ALTA (2582) or e-mail [email protected]