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There’s a positive way to vent

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I think I’ve mastered the “vent” without being a complainer, but that came with years of practice. I’m able, also, to exhale without the debilitating anger of my earlier life. Yet, I still have aggravations in my immediate environment which arouse the volume of both my voice and emotion, to treat, unhealthily—with some situations. But angry tirades are not the recommended type of venting. Fact is “People have an innate desire to talk and be heard…And we’ve become very skilled at venting... The (unhealthy) venting does not change the situation that made us angry, it won’t prevent the situation from happening again in the future, it raises our blood pressure, and it brings negativity to our environment. The rush of venting and ranting can feel intoxicating, when it fact it’s usually just toxic” ( 

When I vented last week, my intention was to show how seemingly minor things are amplified when one is in a depressive state. I really wanted to share my humanness with readers, knowing each of us experience some measure of frustration and could therefore empathise. I was vexed with frustration and not vex as in seething with anger and so deemed my venting healthy. 
Not only did I feel better after, but the universe responded to my outpourings and in quick time I got the yard cut, the anthurium house covered, and a better attitude towards the garage sale—it would happen whenever I’ve completed sorting the 50-something boxes/suitcases of books, clothing, and Lord knows what else since I’ve not seen them for over four years.


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