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Helping workers deal with traumas

Monday, May 12, 2014

On June 12, Elder Associates Ltd will be hosting the one-day seminar, Responding to Traumas, Tragedies and Transitions.


This seminar was inspired by the need to inform employers how to support their employees in the wake of events that can dramatically affect the work place. 


From large scale events such as natural disasters to smaller tragedies such as the tragic death of an employee. The business environment is very vulnerable to incidents that can cause immediate as well as long term effect to the individual workers, departments and, in fact the entire workplace.


A release from Elder Associates notes that people are resilient and most are able to overcome dramatic and traumatic events, as long as they feel supported. However, most workplaces tend to take a nearsighted view: “Let’s get back to work as soon as possible. People will feel better with business as usual.” While most workers can and will do so, often the reactions to the event may be delayed or emerge in a variety of ways that do not seem connected to the tragedy. 


In Responding to Traumas, Tragedies and Transitions, Dr Gerry Lewis, a subject matter expert from the US, will provide an overview of services and strategies designed to maintain workforce resilience.


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