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Tribe launches Wings of Desire

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Monique Nobrega is the designer behind Sultry, one of the sections from Tribe Carnival’s 2015 presentation Wings of Desire.

Tribe Carnival’s band launch is one of the most anticipated during the Carnival band launch season and there was a huge crowd of expectant mas lovers on hand when the team presented their 2015 presentations at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Saturday night. 


Next year, Tribe will bring out Wings of Desire and Bliss will parade in Blue. Bandleader Dean Ackin said in an earlier interview that the team of designers took their cues from the world of fashion, with the Victoria Secrets runway show as one of the main influences. 


There was a mixed response to the costumes, with some mas-playing regulars saying they expected more from the Tribe and Bliss design teams. The most common complaint came from the men, who felt the designers hadn’t paid enough attention to the designs for male masqueraders.