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Yuma’s Reign looking hot for 2015

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
A masquerader strikes a pose in the costume Pompeii during Yuma’s Carnival 2015 launch on Saturday. PHOTOS: SEAN NERO

Yuma—the Young Upwardly Mobile Adults— launched their 2015 Carnival presentation Reign to a sold out crowd, at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain on Saturday night. 

Reign presents 13 sections that portray different aspects of historical rule across the globe. 

Yuma committee member Acacia de Verteuil told the T&T Guardian in an interview that Reign “encompasses the royal theme—empires, kingdoms. We touched a lot of countries. However, it is not necessarily a king or queen but a piece of a dynasty. We did a lot of research.” 

This is Yuma’s fifth anniversay presentation and based on the comments from regulars who attended the launch, the costumes for Reign could be the band’s best ever. Several people remarked that Yuma’s costumes, though very modern, showed a fantastic level of detail and creativity.

This was most evident in sections like Marrakesh, Quechua, Medici, Pompeii, Jaipur and Shahanshah. 

Yuma’s designers captured this historical theme with a modern twist, adapting to the tastes of the present-day masquerader.

For further information about Yuma, check the Web site, visit the Facebook page YumavibeCarnival and on Instagram and Twitter @Yumavibe.