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Arima lass for Miss Humanity in Barbados

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Nathalia Wolffe wants to be an example to young women in T&T.

Nathalia Wolffe will represent T&T at the Miss Humanity International 2014 in Barbados from August 17-27.

The 22-year-old’s mission is to inspire and empower women to achieve their dreams. 

Wolffe said in an interview that she strives to serve as an example for young women to be influencers and leaders in all career fields, while exemplifying empathy, compassion and determination.

Wolffe is an only child, raised in Arima. 

Her business-savvy personality directed her studies, enabling her certification in business management and technology at the University of the West Indies’ Open Campus. Wolffe is now a second-year student at UWI doing a bachelor’s degree in management studies.

She also has a wide interest in sports and has participated in ballet, swimming, netball, UWI 5k and football. In addition, to Wolffe’s management, her football team travelled to Brazil in the year 2012 for a minor competition. 

Her lengthy time in Synergy TV Productions honed her skills in stage management and show production.

“Be inspired by what you understand, and driven by what you do not.” Those words are what she constantly applies to her life as she welcomes and searches for new opportunities, in a bid to make that difference.

Her national director is Sohan Badall, who is the franchise holder and director of Miss Global International, T&T and Guyana.