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A case of ‘monkey can’t see its tail’

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I’ve come to realise that some people with personality disorders see their conduct as right and cannot discern any variation from the norm, therefore repeating their “oddness” ad infinitum. I’ve also learned in most instances not to suggest any recourse unless someone asks. 

This lesson came many years ago when I suggested to someone close to me because of what I know of the sexual abuse in their past and owing to what I had gleaned from searching for my own answers, that their conduct seemed to warrant an intervention. 

I got cussed verbally followed by two protracted essays about all that is/was wrong with me, and ridiculing me for my many years of psychiatric intervention. I witness that individual repeating the same “weird” conduct over the years and I’ve had many occasions where others have tried to engage me in gossip and severe criticism of the issues, but I’m long done with that discussion. 

Even when people ask for help, I’ve learned generally to locate the relevant literature/references for them and to suggest a qualified professional for intervention. People with personality disorders don’t always realise they have a disorder, says, because their way of thinking and behaviour seems so natural to them. Because of this, they often blame other people for the challenges they face in day-to-day life, even when the incidents recur in multiple scenarios.