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Panorama classics for Holy Name’s Vintage Fuh So

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Every Carnival season, calypso aficionados snap up the tickets for Vintage Fuh So! For one night only, Vintage Fuh So! brings back the best-loved calypsoes of yesteryear. Performers range from grandmasters of the art to young artistes who put their own flair on well-loved kaiso songs. 

This year’s Pan, Sweet Pan concludes a special Vintage trilogy and takes place on January 22 at Queen’s Hall from 8 pm. It features winning Panorama hits from 1966–1988, performed by popular singers and musicians. 

Trini, Heather Macintosh, KV Charles and Nigel Rojas will belt out hits like Sparrow’s Obeah Wedding and Doh Back Back; Kitchener’s The Bull, Pan in A Minor, Miss Harriman; David Rudder’s Hammer and Panama; Trini’s Curry Tabanca, Sailing; Shadow’s Bassman; Scrunter’s Woman on the Bass. The Steve Neaves Band ZuzengGeng provides strong backing.

A release from the organisers said the KaiSoca project, featuring Chantal Esdelle and a pan ensemble, kicks the show off on a high note with a Sparrow and Kitch medley. Entertainer Peter Kelly, known for his spicy picong and storytelling, is the show’s MC.

As usual, pre-show action includes a parade of ole-time Carnival characters like the fire-breathing blue devils and nimble moko jumbies.

Free corn soup and aloo pies are dished up from booths, and sponsors will serve an enticing variety of food and drink. 

Staged by the Holy Name Past Pupils’ Association, proceeds go towards its scholarship fund. 

Tickets are available from Queen’s Hall Box Office or email to book your tickets.

This year patrons have the option of auditorium seating or liming in the open-air courtyard and enjoying the show on a very big screen.


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