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Lashes: Flirt & Flutter

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Cover Girl

• STEP 1: Using a lash curler, place it at the lash base of the upper lashes so lashes fit in between the curler pads.
• STEP 2: Press pads together firmly, count to five, and release. Repeat steps on the other eye (but not on the lower lashes).
NOTE: Never curl your eyelashes after you’ve applied mascara. Your lashes can stick to the curler pad and get pulled out.

Stop wishing you got those eyelash genes for the those most perfectly gorgeous eyelashes and let the magic of a CoverGirl Mascara do the work! For volume, lengthening, no-clumping, waterproof, extensions; CoverGirl has a mascara formula to suit everyone and every look you can ever imagine.
• For VOLUMIZING, try CoverGirl’s Super Sizer mascara to pump up the volume and make your lashes appear lush and full.
• For NO-CLUMPS, try CoverGirl’s Clumpcrusher mascara to decrease and eliminate gooey clumps so lashes look fuller, longer and separated.
• For WATERPROOF lashes, try the waterproof versions of CoverGirl’s range of mascaras – SuperSizer, Full Lash Bloom, Lash Blast and Clumpcrusher, to hold up against water, tears, and every day wear, so it lasts longer and reduces the appearance of raccoon eyes.