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Isese Festival celebrates Ifá/Orisà tradition

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Isese Festival 2017 Committee is holding the third annual Trinidad and Tobago Isese Festival 2017 on September 23 and 24 at City Hall, Port-of- Spain and Orisa Ancestral Lands, Arouca respectively.

The Isese Festival is organised by a coalition of cultural, spiritual and business entities, including Afrika House, the Council of Orisà Elders of T&T, Ifa Council of T&T, T&T Council of Traditional Chiefs and Egbe Omo Oni Isese.

In 2015, the Isese Festival celebrated elders of the Ifá/Orisà tradition and in 2016 tribute was paid to Professor Emerita Maureen Warner-Lewis.

A release said September 23 will see the celebration of the achievements of some of the younger members of the local Isese community who have excelled in academics, cultural endeavours and community work. On September 24, the focus will be on community building workshops, a rangeof activities for children and a drumming competition.

The Festival is a chance for members of the local Ifá/Orisà and wider African community to interact with practitioners from around the country and region.

Festivities take place at City Hall, Port-of-Spain, from 6.30 pm and on September 24 and at Orisa Ancestral Lands (Emancipation Park) Bon Air West, off Lopinot Road, Arouca at 12 noon.