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Mizpeh Halfway House hosts cake-making course

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Sherry-Ann Lewis thanks course tutor Raphael Medina for sharing of his time and gift.


Mizpeh Halfway House remains committed to making life better for individuals whose lives are affected by abuse, poverty and other societal ills. As a halfway house, it seeks to provide shelter, food, clothing and a life-changing programme  aimed at the restoration of hurting women, transforming them under God into functional, whole individuals. Through its Outreach Programme it has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of families in communities by providing them with both physical and emotional support. Its main focus is to furnish them with useful skills so they can be self-supportive.

One of these programmes was its cake-making course that was opened to residents of Sangre Grande, free of charge, at Mizpeh’s own facility centre. Raphael Medina, owner of “Your Cake and More,” volunteered to tutor the course. It was held for three consecutive Saturdays, at the end of which students were given certificates of participation. Participants learnt from the basic pound cake recipe to the complicated sponge cake method and, of course, in light of the season, the traditional fruitcake recipe and yule log were not left out. The course ended with the very popular cheesecake, black forest and red velvet recipes.