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My Guardian FAQ

The My Guardian feature allows users to customise our homepage to see the content that matters to you. In order to save the changes that you make, you must be logged in with a Guardian, Facebook or Twitter account.

The diagram at left is labelled with the different areas that can be used for customisation. The use of these areas will be explained below.

Title Bar: Click, hold and drag with your mouse to move blocks around the page.

Settings Button: Click on this button and you will get the option to change the title bar and border colours of the chosen block.

Collapse Button: Click on this button to collapse a block. When collapsed, this button is replaced by the expand button which can be used to expand the block back to its original size.

Maximise Button: This button will maximise the block to fit the width of the page when clicked. When maximised, this button changes to a minimise button which will minimise the block back to its original size.

Close Button: This button will close the block. The only way to add the block back is to login with your Guardian account.

Lead Story

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President of the Law Association of T&T (LATT), Douglas Mendes, SC, says it may be time to re-evaluate current manner in which judges are appointed, with a view to...


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  • ​Newly-appointed Judge Marcia Ayers-Caesar was warmly welcomed to the bench by attorneys yesterday, as she made her debut in the San Fernando Third Criminal Court.
  • ​Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan yesterday justified why the Port Authority of T&T (PATT) had to pay far more for the rental of the Trinity Transporter...
  • ​Tenders have closed for a new vessel to take up the inter-island cargo route and the Port Authority board will go through them tomorrow and make a determination going...
  • ​Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance with responsibility for management of the Economic Division, Suzette Lee Chee, says State enterprises are owing...
  • ​Attorneys representing the family of a three-year-old girl, who was refused funding by the Children’s Life Fund for a major surgery in Rome, Italy, scheduled for next...


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