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Arrive Alive: Watch how much you drink

Monday, December 27, 2010
Brent Batson compares the alcohol content in these drinks. Photo: Shastri Boodan

Watch how much you drink! This is the warning from Brent Batson, head of Arrive Alive. Batson was speaking with reporters in Couva on Friday evening. Batson said while road fatalities have gone down in 2010 by 13 per cent when compared to 2009, the public should always be vigilant. He said heavy fines were being imposed on motorists, and people with respectable jobs were being hauled before the court for failing the breathalyser test. Batson said police have stepped up the breathalyser test. 

Some important facts
Batson said one should always watch what they drink for the holidays.
Batson said a shot of rum or whiskey may have the same amount of alcoholic content
as a beer or a glass of wine. 
He said people should not exceed more than one drink per hour and always avoid consuming alcohol if driving.