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Presbyterians have woman moderator

Friday, April 29, 2011
New moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Brenda Bullock, left, shakes hands with outgoing moderator, Reverend Elvis Elahie, at church’s theological college, Paradise Pasture, San Fernando, yesterday. PHOTO: TONY HOWELL

Reverend Brenda Bullock made history yesterday when she became the first woman to be elected moderator of the local Presbyterian Church. Rev Bullock, 45, who was ordained in 1992, broke the glass ceiling in the male-dominated ministry when she was elected at the 51st annual General Synod at the church’s headquarters, Paradise Pasture, San Fernando. She will serve until 2013.

Bullock got 80 of the votes from the 102 Synod members, representing the 23 pastoral regions. Her challenger, Rev Rawle Sukhu, a former moderator, received 20 votes. Rev Bullock, 45, takes over from her predecessor, Rev Elvis Elahie, who served two terms and now takes up a position at the St Andrew’s Theological College.