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Fuad Khan: He was a man of his word

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Fuad Khan

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr Fuad Khan said Ken Valley was a man of his word.
Khan said Valley consulted with him up to the last days of his life. “Ken Valley was a very good friend and a man of his word. He always kept his word and was extremely honest,” Khan added.

Khan said Valley gave him valuable advice while he served as a Member of Parliament. He said he was eternally grateful for the advice given. Khan said Valley would be missed by many in the society. Valley died at age 63 after a battle with colon cancer. He had six children. Funeral arrangements are set for St Finbar’s RC Church in Diego Martin next week.

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Khan said colon cancer is cancer of the bowels and there is no known cause of the illness. He said it usually occurs in people over the age of 45. He said there is need to have yearly colonoscopy done to detect the disease in its early stages. He said colon cancer can spread quickly to other parts of the body. Khan said radiation, which is used to treat colon cancer can cause further complications.