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Nagessar ‘stronger than a lion’

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chaguanas mayor Orlando Nagessar has been released from hospital after undergoing quadruple heart bypass operation at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. Nagessar, 67, was released from hospital on Sunday. He suffered severe chest pains 12 days ago and was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. He had been carded for a triple bypass. However, when the medical team from Caribbean Heart Care began the operation they discovered another blocked blood vessel and decided to replace it. Nagessar said he praised the theatre team and the healthcare staff at the hospital. He said about a dozen other patients underwent similar operations and came out well.


Nagessar said he was stronger now than “a lion” and was ready to get back to running the business of the busy central borough. However, he said doctors advised that he should rest and recuperate for the next five weeks. Nagessar said the borough was being run by competent councillors with acting mayor Gopaul Boodhan at the helm until he returned. Nagessar said no one was above sickness. “One day you are well, the other you are bedridden, no one is above sickness,” he added.