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Anita Annamunthodo breaks her silence: ‘I just want to move on with my life’

Saturday, March 3, 2012
Flashback: Anita Annamunthodo holds on to a teddy bear which belonged to her daughter Amy.

Anita Annamunthodo said the killing of her daughter, Emily Amy, has been hanging around her neck like an albatross for the past six years. Now that her former lover, Marlon King, has been sentenced to hang for killing her child, Anita said she just wanted to be left alone and move on with her life.


Vilified for the role she would have played in the circumstances that led to Amy’s death, Anita said while King had been sentenced to hang, she has also been tried, convicted and sentenced to death. “People feel I should get hang for this murder too,” she said in a brief telephone interview, yesterday. Days after Amy’s death, on May 15, 2006 there was a public outcry for Anita, then 19, to be also charged with her child’s murder.


She was later charged with six counts of willfully neglecting Amy. Anita spent time in prison because she could not raise the $7,500 bail. However, on April 16, 2007, Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington dismissed the case due to the absence of the complainant PC Marcel Hamilton.


While imprisoned her daughter was buried. But upon being freed she went to the Marabella Public Cemetery where she placed a rose on her daughter’s unmarked grave. King was sentenced to hang on Thursday after he was found guilty of killing Amy. Yesterday, in her first comment after the death sentence, Anita said she wanted to be left alone and move on with her life: “I don’t want to get into this publicity. I keep telling myself, yes, she done die and gone, everything already happen and I want to move on with my life.”