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Relative held in killing of penal mom

Monday, May 21, 2012

A close relative of Wendy Arjoon, the Penal mother of two who was fatally stabbed on Saturday, has been detained in connection with her murder. The 49-year-old man, of Latchoos Road, Penal, was arrested around 1.40 pm on Coqueran Trace, off Penal Rock Road, officers including Sgt Granger, Cpl Jitmasingh and PC George.


Police said the suspect had recently been charged with stabbing a taxi driver but absconded and had been on the run since then. They said he was also wanted in connection with the attempted murder of another man in Penal. On hearing the news yesterday, Arjoon’s mother, Lyndra, 63,  said, “Thank God, thank God.  Lyndra said her daughter had been receiving death threats and was being stalked.


Arjoon, 33, and her son Kegan, seven, moved back with her parents in December 2009 after ending an 11-year common-law relationship. She also had a daughter, Shayann, 16, from a previous relationship. Shayann said she and her mother were heading home when her mother stopped at a cafe on Penal Road Road to buy a bottle of water. She said she heard her mother scream out and when she ran to her, discovered that she had been stabbed.