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New-car firm and NP disagree on octane usage

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Using the lower-rated fuel over time can sometimes cause premature engine wear and engine failure, according to Neal and Massy Automotive Ltd. However, State-owned National Petroleum issued a statement that says otherwise: “Moving from premium to super in an engine with an octane rating of 92 or less should not cause damage to the engine, clog fuel injectors, add to maintenance costs or lead to an abnormal carbon build-up.”


The octane requirement of an engine indicates the type of fuel that should be used. The issue of what kinds of vehicles should use premium or super gasoline has arisen since Finance Minister Larry Howai stated in Monday’s budget that the price of premium fuel went up from October 1 from $4 a litre to $5.75 a litre, as part of Government’s plan to reduce the fuel subsidy.


In a joint full-page advertisement in yesterday’s newspaper, Neal and Massy Automotive and Best Auto Ltd identified 53 vehicle models and what type of fuel they can use. Of the lot, 24 of the vehicles can use super. For instance, manufacturers recommend that the Hyundai Accent, Nissan Cefiro and the Volvo S40 can use super, while the Nissan Teana 3.5L, the Peugeot 407, the Subaru Foester, the Volkswagen Passat CC and the Volvo C30 can use premium.


Neal and Massy Automotive said motorists should use whatever research octane number, known as RON, is recommended by manufacturers, to preserve the life and performance of their engines. “In some instances, using the lower-rated fuel over time can result in premature engine wear and engine failure. The use of octane boost additives is also not recommended over extended periods,” reads the Neal and Massy Automotive advertisement.


NP stated that a vehicle requiring a minimum octane rating of 91 “can” safely use super, which has a RON of 92 minimum. A vehicle that needs a minimum octane reading of 93 minimum “needs” to use premium, which has a RON of 95 minimum and NOT super.


NP makes the point in its statement that all the gasoline fuels it markets, including super, are unleaded. Both Neal and Massy Automotive and NP said motorists should use the octane reading recommended by manufacturers.



Vehicles recommended to use premium:
Nissan: Cefiro, Juke 1.6MT Turbo, Tiida, X-Trail 2.0 Classic
Volvo C30, S40, S60, S80, XC60, XC90
Peugeot: 206, 207, 307, 308, 407
Subaru: Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Tribeca, XV
Volkswagen: Jetta 1.4L, Golf Variant 1.4L, Passat 2.0, Passat CC, Tiguan


Vehicles recommended for super use:
Nissan: Almera, March, Sylphy, Sentra, Wingroad, X-Trail 2.5L
Volkswagen: Bora, Golf Variant 1.6L, Jetta 1.6L/2.0L, Passat 1.8 and Polo