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Murder blots Laventille’s ‘crime-free’ month (with CNC3 video)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Warner calls recent Laventille killing a PNM Murder

The unblemished record of a month without reports of violent crime in Laventille was blotted yesterday when a 28-year-old man was brutally murdered in a hail of gunfire. According to police reports, around 3.45 am, Steven “Social” Morris, of Simeon Road, St Ann’s, was visiting his girlfriend at Kerr Road, Eastern Quarry, Laventille.


Police said Morris left the house to return home and he was approached by two masked gunmen as he walked to his car. After a few words, his attackers drew their guns and began shooting at him. Morris managed to dodge the initial shots and ran off through a nearby track. Investigators said the gunmen chased Morris for almost 100 metres before they cornered him and shot him several times before running away.


Shortly after the shooting, Morris was pronounced dead on the scene by a district medical officer. Investigators said more than 25 spent shells were recovered at the scene and they believe Morris’ attackers may have used automatic weapons.
Morris was well known to the police, who have listed his killing as gang-related.


Yesterday’s murder was the first recorded since September 9, when 49-year-old Alma Noray was shot dead as she slept at her Beverly Hills, Laventille home. The murder toll for the year thus far stood at 315 up to late yesterday evening.