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CAL flying to NY again

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The New York Port Authority announced yesterday the JFK International Airport has resumed operations on a limited basis after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Head of communications for Caribbean Airlines (CAL) Clint Williams said yesterday there were two flights out of Port-of-Spain to JFK but the airline also had flights from Kingston, Jamaica and Georgetown, Guyana, to JFK.


Calling on passengers to be patient, Williams said CAL already had contacted those who had previously bought tickets. He added: “CAL is doing everything it can to update passengers and we have been very forthcoming with information and we will continue to do so.


“We can only do so much, based on the information we get, but information from the US also has been forthcoming.” Asked whether there was a rush at Piarco Airport yesterday, Williams said when he visited yesterday morning there was not any crowd wanting to get to the US.


“People were orderly at the airport. There was just the usual crowd. Everything was fine,” he added. He said in the coming days international flights to JFK would be increased. “As JFK returns to full capacity, flights will increase. It’s just a matter of time. So we just have to wait until we get word when that will happen to alert customers,” he said.


In an advisory issued yesterday, CAL said passengers from disrupted flights between October 28 to 30 were expected to be accommodated on a revised schedule today.