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JP kills bandit during St James home invasion

Friday, January 10, 2014

An unidentified would-be bandit was literally stopped dead in his tracks yesterday morning, after he attempted to break into the home of a Justice of the Peace. According to police reports, JP Don “Bunny” Asgarali was at his Kathleen Street, St James, home around 5 am when he heard a rattling at his front door. He drew his licensed 9 mm firearm and went to his front door. He was confronted by a knife-wielding bandit who lunged at him. A startled Asgarali fired a single shot at the bandit, who had gained entry by prising open the lock. The unidentified man was shot once in the chest and died on the scene.


Officers from the St James Police Station, including Insp Henry Dann and Cpl Farrell, visited the scene and conducted inquiries. They concluded that the bandit gained access to Asgarali’s home through a side wall, which was at least eight feet high and surrounded his property. Speaking with members of the media outside his home yesterday, Asgarali said he was saddened by what happened, adding that he did not invite the burglar. He said he could not say more on the matter as it was a police investigation. Patricia Bhagan, a neighbour, echoed a similar sentiment, saying that she was not sorry for what happened. 


In fact, citing the current rising murder rate, Bhagan, who said she had been living in the area for more than 40 years, said what happened was a good thing. “Is good! We have to defend ourselves because they try to break in by me at Christmas time. If they had gotten to me I would not be here today. This supposed to be a quiet area,” the retiree said. “It’s terrible I telling you,” Bhagan added, referring to the numerous reports of burglaries in the area. “The crime situation is terrible and sickening. If it wasn’t so cold away I would have gone (abroad),” Bhagan said. Officers of the St James Police Station are continuing investigations.