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Two die in Chag accident

Friday, January 17, 2014

Two Carenage families are now in mourning after their loved ones died in an accident in Chaguaramas on Wednesday afternoon. The driver of a yellow band maxi taxi, Stephen “Bubber” Bubb, and one of his passengers, Trevlyn Kerr, both died after the maxi crashed into the back of a PTSC bus around 5.30 pm. The bus was heading west near Williams Bay and the maxi was heading in the opposite direction. The other 11 passengers reportedly suffered minor injuries and broken bones. At the Upper Haig Street, Carenage, home of 36-year-old Bubb, his relatives described him as hardworking and driven. 


An aunt of Bubb’s, who did not want to be identified by name, said the family had not been able to sleep since. She added that Bubb’s youngest child—three-year-old Amauri—says he just wants his father back. At Kerr’s Mt Pleasant Road home, which is just off Haig Street, her older brother, Lester Kerr, said he would miss his sister. He said his sister would bake him “the best coconut bake.” Kerr, 31, was a front-seat passenger in the maxi. Kerr’s aunt said her niece’s mother died when Kerr was just seven and now she had now gone leaving a nine-year-old daughter, Shania. A press release from PTSC said it sympathised with the relatives of Bubb and Kerr. It also said its drivers were being retrained and the corporation was focusing on its road safety campaign.