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Dookeran: T&T owes Karl a debt of gratitude

Monday, January 20, 2014

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran remembers Karl Hudson-Phillips, QC, as a man who would not support nonsense and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and never yielded to the frailties of political life. Hudson-Phillips died in his sleep in London, England, on Wednesday. He was 80 years old. He had gone to visit his son in London, England. In a release, Dookeran said he mourned Hudson-Phillips’s passing and praised the former attorney general’s political strength and visionary commitment to T&T.


“This nation owes him a sense of gratitude for his actions, well beyond the NAR and the 1990 insurrection, but even in the contemporary politics of today,” Dookeran said. He said Hudson-Phillip had a great input in restoring the flame of pride in T&T, as one of the prominent judges in the International Court of Justice in the Hague, where he executed his assignments with “dignity, fearlessness and objectivity.”


“I vividly remember the late Mr Hudson-Phillips as a man of great stature, respect and integrity and one who was at the forefront in the formation of the NAR in 1986,” Dookeran  said. “History summoned him to rekindle a new democracy when the political pulse of the nation was rendered faint and obscure, and there was an urgent need to reaffirm our nation.” Dookeran said he felt an emptiness for the loss to the nation.