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Manning: Soon ‘Mr Big’ will be known

Friday, January 24, 2014

Almost nine years after former prime minister Patrick Manning spoke about the so-called “Mr Big,” his identity has still not been revealed, but Manning says that will change soon. In a tweet on Tuesday, Manning said: “Remember Mr Big? Soon you will find out who he is.” His tweet came following news about a major drug haul by police in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Cocaine, valued at US$100 million (TT$644 million), was found in a shipment of juice cans from T&T last December. The US Drug and Enforcement Agency (DEA) is investigating. Subsequent media reports have said a prominent businessman was a suspect and charges were expected to be laid against him soon. 


The original ‘Mr Big’

Manning first mentioned the name “Mr Big” in Parliament in 2005 after a series of daylight dustbin explosions in Port-of-Spain. The first explosion took place at the corner of Frederick and Queen Streets. Several people were injured and the explosion was heard as far away as the Parliament Chamber in the Red House. Other explosions took place on George Street and outside the Smokey and Bunty bar, Western Main Road, St James. No one was charged for the dustbin bombings. However, in October 2005, Manning told Parliament his People’s National Movement (PNM) Government had a good idea who was behind the bombings and evidence was being collected to ensure justice was done to “Mr Big.”