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T&T journalists among lowest paid—Browne

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Diego Martin Central MP Dr Amery Browne says local journalists are among the lowest paid employees in T&T. Browne said the poor salaries of journalists was one issue the Government had failed to raise as the debate of the Libel and Defamation (Amendment) Bill continued in Parliament on Friday.


Browne said there are many issues affecting journalists, among them losing their life and limb while on and off the job. He said if the AG had spoken to journalists about matters affecting them, he would have realised that the amendment to the bill was not one of them. “This bill is not treating with that at all. This bill does nothing to protect them.” Browne said one concern of journalists was the “threats to their pockets.”


“Pizza people assume otherwise...They (journalists) are paid very, very small salaries. And that encourages them to moonlight, lots of other things.” Browne said many journalists complain about their salaries offline. While the threat of press freedom may not necessarily come from the Government, Browne said it occurs right within the media house itself.