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Less $$ so Arima to cut back on Carnival events

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Arima Mayor George Hadeed says the borough may have to cut back on events for this year’s Carnival because it does not have enough funding. Last year, the borough received $300,000 from the National Carnival Commission (NCC) and another $300,000 from the Ministry of Arts to host its events. At the launch of Arima Carnival at the Arima Town Hall yesterday, Hadeed said the borough had received funds from the NCC but would not be receiving any funds from the ministry. He said he had a meeting with the NCC this month on additional funding and it had promised to make an effort to help. “We are also seeking assistance from the business community and so far it has been okay but there is still a shortfall,” Hadeed said.


Yesterday’s launch was an example of the cutbacks that would be needed instead of a big affair with performances from soca artistes, the borough council held the launch for a small group, including the media. Hadeed said the borough would have to cut back on prize money for competitions. He added: “We cannot cut back on infrastructure so we would have to decrease prize monies for various competitions if we do not receive any funding. “Whichever areas we can cut back on we will cut back.” Hadeed said in addition to Carnival issues the borough was awaiting the completion of the Arima Administration Complex and repairs to the velodrome.