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Cops hurt as car crashes into pole

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two San Fernando police officers escaped life-threatening injuries on Monday when they crashed into a utility pole on their way to work. PCs Eniath Abdool and Dhanraj Matloo were treated for dislocated joints and bruises at the San Fernando General Hospital. Both may go on medical leave for some months, as fellow officers said they could not walk properly. The two, from Fyzabad, were travelling along Debe Trace, Debe, in a Mitsubishi Lancer driven by Abdool around 5.30 am. They were due to take up the 6 am shift.



The car skidded on the wet road and as Abdool tried to control it he struck a silver Hyundai Tucson driven by Amrita Sinanan, of Sinanan Drive, La Romaine. Police said the car then crashed into a utility pole. Both men were taken to the hospital, where Abdool was treated for a dislocated shoulder and bruised knee and Matloo for facial and hip injuries. Police said Sinanan was not injured in the crash.