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Air quality dips in PoS—EMA

...Beetham fires to be fully extinguished today
Sunday, February 2, 2014
Minister of the Environment and Water Resources Ganga Singh helps douse some of the Beetham landfill fires on Friday. He had previously toured the area by helicopter. PHOTO: Courtesy the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

Minister for the Environment Ganga Singh says he expects the Beetham landfill fires to be fully extinguished by today. Singh, in a brief telephone interview yesterday, said the three crews from the Water and Sewerage Authority, Solid Waste Management Company and a private contractor worked throughout the night to bring the fires under control. He said WASA equipment remained on site to facilitate the extinguishing of the fires.


Despite that positive development, head of the Environmental Management Agency, Dr Allan Bachan said yesterday’s air quality dipped and was poorer than the air quality over the past two days. He said it has stabilised in both Sea Lots and downtown Port-of-Spain and is expected to normalise within this week.