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Manhunt for escaped prisoner continues

Monday, February 3, 2014

Escaped prisoner Azmon Alexander is still at large. Alexander, 31, a prisoner with 38 pending matters for kidnapping and robbery, escaped from the Mayaro Magistrates Court on Friday morning and up to late yesterday police were still searching for him. Northern Division Task Force officers are on the look out for the escaped prisoner, whose last known address was Ackbarali Street, Malabar. Police sources said they believe Alexander is in hiding in Trinidad, as there is no evidence to suggest he has fled the country.



According to police reports, Alexander, who has been in custody for approximately two years awaiting trial, appeared before senior magistrate Gail Gonzales and was remanded into custody when he escaped around 10 am. Alexander, who was handcuffed to another prisoner at the time, was being escorted back to the station to await transportation to the prison by two police officers, a constable and an acting corporal. 


As they neared the court entrance, however, Alexander managed to slip his hand out of the handcuffs, pushed down the two officers and escaped. Mafeking was cordoned off after Alexander was spotted near a river but he managed to elude capture. Investigations are continuing.