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Guayaguayare man shot dead, teen critical

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Police and crime scene investigators on the scene at La Savanne Circular Trace, Guayaguayare, where Daud Rasad Abdullah, 33, of Nurse Trace, New Lands Village, Guayaguayare, was shot dead early this morning. PHOTO: ALANA SURAJ

An early-morning shooting in Guayaguayare has left one man dead and a teenager critical, Jensen LaVende has reported.


According to initial reports, around 2a.m., Dow Rasheed Abdullah, 33, of Nurse Trace, New Lands Village, Guayaguayare, was at the home of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Vanessa Hepburn-Eccles, when the fatal incident occurred.


The Guardian understands that Abdullah spent the night at Eccles' home at La Savanne Circular Trace, Guayaguayare, which she shared with her mother, stepfather and two younger siblings.

Around 2 am, Eccles' relatives reportedly heard several loud explosions. Upon investigation, they saw that Abdullah and their daughter had sustained multiple bullet wounds. They contacted the police.


Abdullah died at the scene but Eccles was rushed to the Mayaro health facility and then transferred to the Sangre Grande Hospital, where she was in critical condition up to this morning.


Abdullah was known to the police and had several matters before the law, including possession of arms ans ammunitions.


The father of five is the country's 54th murder victim of 2014, according to the Bullet Points database.


Cpl Bachu of the Mayaro CID is investigating.


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