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NIB monthly payment possible after probe

Monday, February 10, 2014
Guardian Angel

Each week, the Guardian Angel column highlights complaints sent in by you, the consumer, and provides solutions or directs you to the appropriate resource. Problem: Bayoune Rahamut submitted his retirement benefit application to NIB in December 2011, as he was turning 60 the next year.



In July 2013, Mr Rahamut received an interim payment, as his claim was under investigation. Mr Rahamut has 746 payments, so he is missing four payments that would qualify him to receive a retirement pension as opposed to a one-time lump-sum retirement benefit. However, since then, Mr Rahamut has not received another payment from NIB. Solution: NIB said Mr Rahamut has a retirement application lodged at the St James service centre. 


Rahamut is indeed missing one month’s worth of contributions, so NIB is still investigating his case for possible missing contributions that will allow him to receive a monthly pension rather than a lump-sum payment. Problem: Ken De Bique said: “I have a three-month subscription to the Digital Guardian. To date, I cannot pull down a single article from the Business Guardian. In fact, if I want to read an entire article, a dialogue box comes up telling me to log in again. When I log in again, I am told that I have to subscribe.”



Mr De Bique said he wanted to review an article by Bourse Securities in the Business Guardian, Week three, January 2014. However, no search brings it up and he cannot access it online. Solution: One of Guardian Media Ltd’s IT engineers was appraised of Mr De Bique’s issue. Mr De Bique was informed that with the implementation of the Digital Guardian, free content is now limited on the newspaper’s Web site. 


As for his problems with creating a PDF: if using a Mac computer, Mr De Bique can select print, when signed in to the Digital Guardian, select the page he wants to print, click Open PDF in preview, and then proceed to save the page as a PDF. If using Windows, Mr De Bique will have to install a print-to-PDF printer to his system and after clicking print, select the PDF printer to convert the document to PDF. 



Even as you’re encouraged to take the appropriate routes for addressing your complaints, the Guardian Angel is here to assist you. You can send the Guardian Angel an e-mail about your problem and what steps you took to deal with the matter. The Guardian Angel looks forward to hearing from you and bringing some relief to your problems. 


E-mail her at [email protected]. Please include your name, address and telephone number as we’ll need them to follow up with you. Unfortunately, owing to the volume of e-mails and limited space, it is impossible to address every complaint, no matter how worthy, or acknowledge receipt of every e-mail.