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Contractor murdered after getting phone call

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hours after WASA contractor Howard Lalloo received a phone call from someone asking him to meet at Couva, a passersby found his body slumped inside his SUV. Lalloo, 44, of Southern Main Road, La Romaine, was shot once in the head while in his black Toyota Prado Land Cruiser which was parked on Milton Road yesterday. Senior Supt Johnny Abraham said police received an anonymous call around 2.30 pm saying a man was slumped behind the steering wheel of vehicle on the roadside. When officers responded they found Lalloo dead. Investigators said they have no motive for the killing as it did not appear he had been robbed. They believe Lalloo knew his killer. 


However, his brother, Stephen, suspects his brother’s death might be linked to one of several private contracts he had. According to Stephen, Lalloo did other plumbing and construction work throughout the country and was owed by several of his clients. “My brother did not have any enemies or death threats to my knowing but I know he had a lot of contracts and he dealt with a lot of people. It could be something to do with a job. “All I can say is that with his contracts, there are a lot of people owing him money from all over and it could be related to some payments that was owed to him,” Stephen added.


Up to yesterday morning, Lalloo’s colleagues said he was overseeing WASA repair works at Temple Street, La Romaine. While there, he received a phone call from someone asking him to meet them at Couva. Stephen described his brother as a good person who never had problems with any of his relatives. “He was a good fellah. We never had any problems with him. We grew up together as a family. The murder is the fourth recorded in Couva recently. His death pushed the toll for the year to 59.