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Couva mas to focus on jab jab

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Away from beads and bikinis, Couva mas will focus on the traditional jab jab presentations on both Carnival days, according to Ramchand Rajbal, chairman of the Couva Carnival Committee. Rajbal said in an interview on Friday: “At Carnival presentations in Couva, as indeed at all other presentations, the focus is on G-string and beads. “We have to go back to the original Carnival settings with such participants as jab jab and wild Indians, and the Couva presentations for 2014 will have a heavy influence on this kind of Carnival. “Mind you, I am not against any such presentations,” he added. “Of course, that is creativity as well.” The theme for this year’s Carnival is Come Play Mas Clean.”


Rajbal said a series of events culminating on the Carnival days has been planned. Among the many features are a motorcade throughout Central Trinidad showcasing the Carnival Queens on February 22 and a Chutney Explosion and traditional steelband music on February 26 at 7 pm at the Couva car park. “Over the years, Carnival in Couva continues to draw communal and national appeal because it provides a safe environment which we hope will continue this year. We are working with the Couva police, and as usual, we are always given the fullest support and encouragement, and this augurs well for both patrons and masqueraders,” Rajbal said. Rajbal said scores of visitors from Canada, USA and the Caribbean were expected to come to Couva and to stay there for all aspects of Carnival 2014.