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Ojah-Maharaj: Rowley could end racial tension in T&T

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
PNM supporters react to Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley during a cottage meeting at the Chaguanas North Secondary School, on Monday night. PHOTOS: RISHI RAGOONATH

Former acting general secretary of the People’s National Movement (PNM) Deodath Ojah-Maharaj has come out in defence of party leader Dr Keith Rowley against racist claims. Speaking during an open forum session at Rowley’s campaign meeting in Chaguanas on Monday night, Ojah-Maharaj hit back at detractors who claimed there was no place for Indo-Trinidadians in the PNM.



Supporting Rowley for re-election in the party’s upcoming internal elections, Ojah-Maharaj said Rowley as the PNM’s leader and Prime Minister could mend the racial divide in the country. “So this myth that the PNM does not make provisions for Indo-Trinidadians, I want to debunk that tonight. “Dr Rowley does not see ethnicity. Tobagonians do not see ethnicity. I work with Rennie Dumas. I work with (Stanford) Callender. I work with Dr Rowley, as a deputy political leader, and I understand the man’s commitment to this nation.”


He believes Rowley could bring an end to racial tension. “He is the person who would harmonise this nation. When he becomes Prime Minister and political leader there will no racial division in this country. I can give you that assurance.” Another supporter, Anthony Henry, pleaded with Rowley to focus on the youths if the PNM wins the general election.


Henry, who began working at the age of ten and now owns his own business, told Rowley: “Your mantle is to ensure young people don’t go astray.” He said the solution to crime lies in empowering people through education.