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Consumer Affairs issues Carnival tips

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Consumer Affairs Division of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment has issued some consumer guidelines and tips in the build up to Carnival. A release from the ministry said the tips were to remind consumers of their rights and responsibilities.


Here are a few helpful tips for the season:
Shop around before purchasing any outfits for the season. Before purchasing Carnival shoes (boots or sneakers) ensure they fit comfortably
Exercise caution when purchasing items that are on sale or on special— a sale is a reduction in price not in quality
Collect your costume a few days in advance to ensure proper fit and/or for adjustments to be made. You are entitled to redress only if your costume is faulty (missing embellishments)
Purchase tickets for shows/events from authorised vendors only. 

When attending Carnival events ensure that you are seated in the appropriate ticket location

It is your right to complain when you pay for an event and the advertised artistes do not appear.  You are entitled to a refund if the show is postponed or cancelled.  Keep your ticket/stub
Limit the amount of cash you carry around for the season and avoid going to the ATM at night
When budgeting for the Carnival season, do not exceed your budget.  Avoid taking loans. If a loan is taken, opt for a short term payment plan

As a consumer, you are entitled to redress for shoddy services—it is your right.