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Montano loses home temporarily

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

After losing the use of his Maraval home yesterday, attorney Robin Montano expects to be back “home” by tomorrow, after settling on a mortgage issue. Montano, a former chairman of the Independent Liberal Party, told T&T Guardian yesterday that he was levied upon by bailiffs representing the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage and Finance Company yesterday.
He said he had been made to understand that he had until March to pay off a mortgage on the property. “But nobody said anything to me or gave any warning or notice last week and I was levied upon today. And me and my family moved out.”

However, Montano said, “I’ll be getting back my house and we should be back home by tomorrow (Wednesday) because I’ve contacted the agency and the matter has been settled so I expect to be back in my home by 10 o’clock Wednesday.” Montano admitted he was taken by surprise by the action, but said he moved immediately to settle the matter fully. Television footage showed several household items being placed in the streets as the baliffs moved in yesterday at his Henderson Road, home.