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3 more killings push murder toll to 84

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Three men are now dead after three separate shooting incidents beginning Friday night that took place in Carenage, Valencia and Point Cumana, pushing the murder toll to 84. In the first murder, around 7.15 on Friday night Clinton “Mooney” John, 25, was shot dead outside his girlfriend's home at Benedictine Street, Carenage. A gunman walked up to John and fired, police said. After John began running the gunman chased him, firing repeatedly until John collapsed. He died on the scene. Police say his killing was gang-related.



In the second killing, 26-year-old Keron Sampson died at the Sangre Grande District Hospital after he was shot near his Bertrand Trace, Valencia home on Friday night. Sampson and his cousin went to a Chinese restaurant near his home around 9.50 pm and while there they were approached by a man who opened fire on them, hitting Sampson twice in the left shoulder.


After being shot Sampson ran home and collapsed in his living room, where he was picked up and taken to hospital, where he later died. The killer escaped in a waiting car. Police said they have no motive for the killing. And yesterday an unidentified man was discovered dead at Gardier Street, Point Cumana, around 4.45 am. Police said the man, who was not from the area, was wearing a grey pants, white T-shirt and a black cap.


Residents heard gunshots and found the man’s body lying in the road. Police are yet to determine a motive but believed he was lured to his death.