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Restaurant waste creates big stink

Monday, March 3, 2014
Guardian Angel

Each week, the Guardian Angel column highlights complaints sent in by you, the consumer, and provides solutions or directs you to the appropriate resource. 



Problem: San Juan resident Neil Bachu said, “I reside in the vicinity of Maloney Street and our residential street has become a huge discomfort for us residents because of a relatively new Chinese restaurant located on the corner of Bushe Street and the Eastern Main Road.”



Mr Bachu said, “This restaurant disposes of their oil in the drain running alongside the street onto Maloney Street, which has caused the drain to get black and muddy and the oil has clogged up the passageways.” He said the authorities haven’t been doing anything about it, so the smell has become unbearable. 



Solution: Mr Bachu’s complaint was forwarded to the County Medical Officer of Health, St George Central, Barataria, and a public health inspector will be looking into the matter.