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Rowley to name slate tomorrow

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Five days before the close of nominations, People’s National Movement (PNM) leader Dr Keith Rowley has selected his executive line-up. Rowley is expected to make the formal announcement tomorrow at a constituency meeting at the Chaguanas East Secondary School, Montrose, but the Sunday Guardian learned that current chairman Franklin Khan, general secretary Ashton Ford and public relations officer Faris Al-Rawi will fight to keep their respective seats. 



The Sunday Guardian also learned that Rowley brought in former senator Fitzgerald Hinds to contest the youth officer portion and that he added three new faces to his potential executive list:
• Anthony Garcia has been picked for the education officer post
• Indar Parasram has been picked for the post of field officer
• Foster Cummings will vie for the post of election officer



Renuka Singh
Senator Camille Robinson-Regis will contest the lady vice chair position, a post which was previously held by Pennelope Beckles-Robinson. Four months ago, amid rumours that Beckles-Robinson was launching her own bid to be the next leader of the Opposition, Rowley removed Beckles-Robinson from his Senate line-up and replaced her with Robinson-Regis. He has since denied that her decision to fight him for the leadership post had anything to do with his decision to axe her senatorial post.