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Case forwarded to Ministry of People

Monday, March 10, 2014
Guardian Angel

Each week, the Guardian Angel column highlights complaints sent in by you, the consumer, and provides solutions or directs you to the appropriate resource. 



Problem: Florida resident Doreen Singh said her half-sister Susan Khellawan, who lives in Pleasantville, San Fernando, is in dire need of help. After the deaths of Ms Khellawan’s mother and two sons, Ms Singh said, Ms Khellawan “is depressed from all these deaths she suffered in her family and not having gone to school.” Ms Singh said her half-sister also “has high blood pressure and other illnesses, her home is falling down and leaking when it rains, she has tried to get help and was turned down.”



Solution: Ms Singh’s complaint was forwarded to the Ministry of the People and Social Development, and will be sent to a San Fernando district officer for Ms Khellawan’s case to be assessed so she can receive help from the ministry. The ministry’s services can be accessed by calling 625-9221 or 800-4775 or at any of its district boards listed at


The ministry has several social welfare grants, including housing assistance, clothing, education, senior citizens’ pension, public and disability assistance.