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Former cop turned lawyer held in million-dollar bank robbery

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A former police officer turned defence lawyer has been arrested in connection with the multi-million-dollar bank robbery on Carnival Saturday after he was allegedly caught with some of the stolen loot. Police and legal sources said the attorney, who generally works out of the Sangre Grande district, was held yesterday by his former colleagues at the Arima Police Station. Sources say he is to be charged with conspiracy to commit theft and receiving stolen property, namely cash from the bank robbery.


Police reported that around 12.30 am March 1 they received a report from the security company which  provides surveillance for the Sangre Grande branch of Republic Bank that the back door of the bank was open. They also found the vault emptied of its contents, which had included cash and deposit boxes. A quantity of jewelry was left behind by the bandits. The lawyer was picked up in the Arima area and taken to the police station where he remained in custody up to late yesterday.