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Four more murders push toll to 96

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The country’s murder toll climbed to 96, four more than the corresponding period last year, following three more murders that took place between Tuesday night and yesterday afternoon. 



In the most recent killing, 31-year-old Darmanie Rose was stabbed to death in a robbery at his St Thomas Street, Tunapuna business place. Police said Rose, a jeweler operated his business at his home. Around 3 pm a robber pretending to be a customer came to the business place and said it was a hold up. The bandit robbed Rose of jewelry and stabbed him before escaping. 



In a similar circumstance, 53-year-old Ian Charles was stabbed Monday morning, moments after he won $6,000 from a casino in Port-of-Spain. Charles died at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital around 4 am yesterday. 



Police said Charles, of Upper Covigne Road, Diego Martin, was in a PH taxi around 12.30 am on Monday. He told police he asked the driver to take him home and fell asleep in the car only to be awakened by someone choking him and demanding the money. He was stabbed about the body, one of the injuries punctured his lung.


At the Forensic Science Centre yesterday his wife Kathy Charles said her husband was a loving man. She lamented how “sad” the country has become while a male relative called for something to be done about the PH taxis. Charles said her husband was a kind man who had three children and three grandchildren.


Also speaking at the Forensic Science Centre was the mother and sister of 33-year-old Ryan “Venom” McKenzie who was shot at Waterwheel Road, Diego Martin around 9.30 pm on Tuesday. Debra Bowen said her son was a very helpful man. His sister Coreen McKenzie said prior to being diagnosed with a mental illness her brother was a “girlsman.”


Police said McKenzie was standing with a group of friends on Waterwheel Road, Diego Martin around 9.30 pm Tuesday, when a car pulled alongside them. One of the occupants of the vehicle opened fire on the group, hitting McKenzie once in the chest. As his friends scampered the killer then came out of the car and shot McKenzie several times about his body before leaving.