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Biche gardener shot dead during robbery

Monday, March 17, 2014

Biche gardener Davinand Bholai was shot and killed during a robbery at his home early yesterday. The 40-year-old man was asleep with his wife around 2 am when three intruders broke into their Cuche Village home. The couple awoke as the men, one armed with a gun, entered their room. Demanding money and jewelry, the men tied up the couple as they stole jewelry, a laptop, a television set and money.


Bholai’s wife overheard a conversation one of the men was having with someone on his cellphone. She told the police the man was telling someone to come and pick them up because it was almost three o’ clock. The men then took Bholai into  the living room. Bholai’s wife said shortly after she heard a gunshot. Eventually, she managed to untie herself and went to the living room where she found her husband bleeding on the ground. His hands were still tied and his mouth gagged.


Police said there was a gunshot wound to the right side of his head. Bholai’s wife raised an alarm and her brother-in-law, who lives in an adjoining  apartment, came to her assistance. However, Bholai was already dead. Visiting the scene was a team of policemen headed by Supt Hinds, including Insp George, Sgt Mohammed and Sgt Downing. Cpl Banwarie of the Biche Police Station is investigating. SW