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Penny: Hinds too old to contest youth officer post

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pennelope Beckles-Robinson, who is contesting the post of leader of the PNM, took a shot at former PNM senator Fitzgerald Hinds yesterday saying he is too old to be contesting the position of youth officer in the party. 



“Everybody is warning me to stay away from the mud slinging but sometimes you cannot help the temptation. You want to be a youth officer of the PNM and you are already getting pension from the Parliament. Yet he is talking about dollars and cents. We have Jamal Martin who is going up for the position who is 27 years old who is what real youth is,” she said. Beckles-Robinson was speaking yesterday afternoon at the John John Basketball Court, Laventille at a community meeting.



She said the PNM’s party elections is “serious business” and said all members must be held accountable. “I heard Dr Rowley said that when we dealt with the Proportional Representation system, Mr Hinds submit a letter that he was going to resign because of the embarrassment. I want Mr Hinds to answer this and I hope he wrote it in his resignation letter when he was taking the vote for Proportional Representation I want him to say where he was. Then we will talk about cents and five cents,” she said.


She also referred to Port-of-Spain South MP Marlene McDonald who she said should be representing her constituents rather than spending time talking about her attempt to be leader. “I am calling on the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and Marlene McDonald to assist the residents here. There are some people who said they have never seen her walk around these parts,” she said.