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Armed man molests eight female pupils

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An armed man entered the Mayaro Government School compound on Monday and molested eight female pupils. Police said the man, armed with a knife, entered the school’s playground during the lunchtime period. He then reportedly approached the students, threatened them, then inappropriately touched them in sensitive areas. The students ranged in ages from seven to nine. The traumatised pupils reported the incident to a teacher who then informed the school's principal.



Parents were called in and the eight were taken to the Mayaro Police Station, which is obliquely opposite the school. The pupils were then sent for medical examination at the Mayaro Health Facility. Police were still searching for the suspect last night. The man was thought to be a Cepep employee but investigators are yet to confirm that. Angry parents are now demanding that security at the school be beefed up and are contemplating protest action against the Ministry of Education and principal.  


Parents said Cepep workers are allowed on the compound to do work during school hours and they are now calling for this to be stopped. Parents said with all the reports of crime against children, they hoped the matter was not swept under the carpet.