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Delayed NIB payment paid

Monday, March 24, 2014
Guardian Angel

Each week, the Guardian Angel column highlights complaints sent in by you, the consumer, and provides solutions or directs you to the appropriate resource.



Problem: Petit Valley resident Christopher Robertson said he began the application process for his benefit claim in the beginning of 2013 and got a letter from NIB in June acknowledging receipt of his application. But Mr Robertson said: “Prior to submitting my application, I was given by NIB a computer-generated printout of all contributions attributed to my account. Having found for the most part all in order...I submitted my application. I was told it would take six months to process.


“I checked them (NIB) on October 25, 2013, to inquire about the status of my application.” He was told it was still being processed, which was the same response when he inquired in November.  He said: “I again checked on December 7, 2013 and was told that my application was sent to another department for further checking, which I queried, since my application was based on info that they themselves had generated. And why so long before noticing these further checks were necessary?”


When he checked again on December 20, he was told: “It must have gone for authorisation since it was a large amount.” When Mr Robertson asked when he should return, he was told to check back some time in the new year. Since then, Mr Robertson said he has e-mailed and visited the office at Luis Street, Woodbrook, but the response has still been the same.



Solution: After the Guardian Angel intervened on his behalf, Mr Robertson’s application was expedited by NIB and his payment was dispatched to his bank.