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Penny on arrest of brother; seizure of guns ‘These things do happen’

Monday, March 24, 2014
PNM political leader candidate Pennelope Beckles-Robinson, second from right, greets supporters on her arrival for a political meeting at Foster Road, Sangre Grande on Saturday. PHOTO: DARREN RAMPERSAD

People’s National Movement political leader contender Pennelope Beckles-Robinson confronted her the arrest of her bother and three other relatives following a gun-find at their Malabar home head-on on the political platform on Saturday. 



“It was very unfortunate and they are being investigated for arms and ammunition. Today has been a very difficult day for my family.  The truth is these things do happen and it is the time we are very distraught and when your courage is tested the most,” she told the audience at a political meeting at Foster Road, Sangre Grande, hours after her relatives were taken into custody. She said her eldest brother, his wife, nephew and sister-in-law’s brother were arrested on Saturday at a raid on a Malabar home.


But Beckles-Robinson, a lawyer, said she believes in the justice system and is hoping for a speedy investigation. “I have faith in our criminal justice system. I want the best possible investigation to take place and simply let the police do their work. Of course as a sister and aunt, you understand the challenges we all face,” she said. Beckles-Robinson said last week she addressed the same issue of  guns coming into the country and borders not being protected.


“There is no one immune from crime and it can come home to anyone of us and not a single person is immune from crime. Little did I know three days would come to my front step. “We all have to have faith in the judicial process and let the police do their work and all I expect is a proper investigation and speedy investigation and we can take it from there,” she said. A Russian-made AK-47 assault rifle, two revolvers, a pump action shotgun, and 72 rounds of ammunition were allegedly seized during the police raid.