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Pres celebrates Spiritual Baptist day

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Members of the Holy Faith Spiritual Baptist Tabernacle sing during the PNM's Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebrations at the La Horquetta basketball court, Phase 5, La Horquetta, yesterday. PHOTO: ABRAHAM DIAZ

On the celebration of Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day today, President Carmona extended his best wishes to the entire Spiritual Shouter Baptist community, and praised the “spirited tenacity” of the Spiritual Baptists in their struggle against persecution and injustice. “Deep faith and conviction in a just cause can have a just resolution,” the President said in his speech to mark the day.



Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the repeal of the Shouter Prohibition Act on March 30, 1951 and the 18th anniversary of Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day. The President recalled the impact of Spiritual Shouter Baptists on his life: “I always remember the spiritual vibration and great healing that the Spiritual Shouter Baptists generated throughout our small towns and villages and the positive impact they had on the lives of many in the rural communities of T&T. I feel a deep sense of pride in my two deceased uncles, High Priests Eric ‘Papi’ Murren from La Brea and Orichoe Murren from Tableland, who in the midst of social marginalisation and stigmatisation, kept their faith like so many of their brethren, spreading the message of a righteous God, His beneficence and his mercy.”


The President said Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebrates “our religious diversity and inclusiveness” and “our capacity as a nation to correct and make right a wrong of the past.”